MPQ Plastics Plastic Materials & Sizes

Plastics materials manufactured by MPQ Plastics are high in quality and are the standard used in many industries across the country and the world.

Whether you are looking for a range plastic rollers for a new conveyor system, or a high performance nylon bush? Our range of materials will be able to serve your jobs needs.

All our plastic materials listed below are extruded in house & not imported like many other companies across the country. By extruding in house, this allows us to maintain control of quality which ensures our customers are receiving the highest quality product available saving everyone involved time and money. 

HDPE Polyethylene | Ultralene®:

High Density Polyethylene / Ultralene® is a highly versatile polymer that displays excellent chemical and impact resistance. HDPE Polyethylene is found in numerous applications and industries across the country. Magna-Plas (Qld) can offer numerous colour options in our material which gives the end user a magnitude of options and advantages in their specific jobs. MPQ Plastic can extrude and machine HDPE out of Black, Natural and a range of Colours. Learn more about HDPE Polyethylene.

Acetal | Ultracetal:

Acetal plastic material is a hard engineering plastic with high tensile strength and durability. Acetal material offers excellent machining capabilities and a magnitude of versatility options. Acetal is an ideal material when exceptional strength is needed for above temperature or moisture levels in your application. MPQ Plastic can manufacture acetal out of Black, Natural and a range of colours to suit the customers requirements. Learn more about Acetal material.

Nylon | Ultralon:

Nylon material and nylon rod are known for their toughness and durability. Nylon materials are generally used for gears, sheaves, high load bearings, rollers, pulleys, wear pads along with many other applications. MPQ Plastics manufacture and supply a range of industries with our Nylon plastic in Black, Natural and a range of colours including Blue, Brown, Yellow, Red and many more. Learn more about MPQ nylon extrusions and machining abilities.

Polypropylene | Ultraprop:

MPQ extrude polypropylene in house. Polypropylene is a chemical resistant material available in a range of colour and sizing options. Polypropylene material is lightweight and offers slightly better strength and a higher temperature rating than polyethylene. Polypropylene is an economical material that is used in a number of applications. Learn more about polypropylene and how Magna-Plas (Qld) can assist to your needs. MPQ Plastics can extrude polypropylene round rod and profiles out of Black, natural and a range of colour material options.