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MPQ Plastics has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic boat trailer parts in Australia for over 35 Years. MPQ Plastics supply Australia’s leading boat trailer manufactures and marine companies with high quality Australian made plastic trailer parts.

MPQ plastic boat trailer parts are extruded and machined in Australia out HDPE Polyethylene & Polypropylene materials and are designed for use on aluminium boats and trailers with some of the profiles designed to suit fiberglass boats and hulls. 

MPQ Plastics extrudes its own plastic boat trailer bunks, skids and bunk covers & with our own in-house CNC Plastic Machining centres we can produce and machine large volumes of rollers and custom machined components in an extremely quick turnaround time.

MPQ plastic boat trailer parts; unlike rubber and PVC boat trailer parts are produced locally in Australia at our Gold Coast / Brisbane factory in Ormeau.

Unlike rubber and PVC boat trailer parts which are often imported from China and other overseas countries have a high risk of cracking or splitting which may cause potential damage to your customers boats & trailer. MPQ boat trailer products are designed and manufactured to stand the toughest conditions and meet Australian demand and quality.

MPQ plastic components long life makes them more economical in the long run & will satisfy your customer to the fullest with a high quality product which is made in Australia.

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Wholesale Boat Trailer Plastic Rollers

dog bone rollersMPQ Plastics are Australia’s number one premium wholesale and manufacturer of plastic HDPE polyethylene boat trailer rollers. Extruded plastic and machined in-house, MPQ provides top quality blue plastic boat rollers to the Australian market. If you are a boat trailer manufacturer, or boat trailer parts distributor? We can help. Learn more about MPQ Plastics wholesale boat trailer rollers.

Wholesale Boat Trailer Plastic Skids & Slides

grooved trailer skid

MPQ Plastics are Australia’s leading plastics extrusion company for the boat trailer industry. Providing high qualighty plastic boat trailer skids and slides to the Australian market. If you are a boat trailer manufacturer or boat trailer parts supplier, we can help. MPQ can extrude custom sized boat trailer skids in multiple colour ranges to suit your individual company needs. Learn more about our wholesale boat trailer skid options.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks

MPQ Plastics produce high quality solid plastic trailer bunks / slides for boat trailer 

Boat Trailer Bunks with Bends

manufacturers and re-sellers in Australia. By extruding solid bunks in house; our high quality bunks are built to last and perform to the highest standards.

As more boat trailer manufacturers are opting to provide bunk and skid trailers vs roller setups, its important that MPQ bunks are made to the highest standards to support all types of boats and hulls in the Australian market! 

Beware of low quality imitation bunks that may be hollow in profile or use cheap recycled plastic. These bunks are known to crack or split, which could cause substantial damage to your customers boat and trailer. Trust an Australian made boat trailer bunks. Learn more about wholesale boat trailer bunk options and sizes.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer C-Section Bumper Pads / Bunk Cover

boat-trailer-bunk-cover-blue-50mm-sideMPQ Plastics extrude in-house a full range of C-section bumper pad protection skids and covers. Ranging from 25mm in size all the way to 75mm in size. MPQ plastic products are extruded from high quality materials ensuring you receive a high quality product. With multiple colour options available, Contact us today to learn more how these skid covers can benefit your business today. Learn more about boat trailer plastic C-Section Bunk Covers.

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If you are a trailer manufacturer or run a marine chandlery business and are looking to stock or use OEM boat trailer parts as part of your business? Contact us today to request a sample of our high quality plastic components. We are confident you will be impressed with our product range and can help you grow & expand your customer base and grow revenues moving forward. Contact us today

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MPQ Plastics Australia supplies wholesale and trade customers via our online store. Stay up to date with our latest range of boat trailer parts and components. By ordering online, you are provided with the best price that suits your companies needs!

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Boat Trailer Parts USA Wholesale

For our friends in the USA, please visit our sister company; Ultra High LLC to browse our American boat trailer parts and components.

Imitation Products & Low Quality Imported Boat Trailer Parts!

As the internet evolves and global trade becomes easier, it is natural for customers and boat trailer owners to hunt around for a “cheaper” product. The issue that alot of customers face with imported plastic products is quality control. We have found that as a whole; imported plastic is often recycled, voided, injection moulded. With the above combined there is a greater risk of harm and damage to your end product.

By dealing locally in Australia, not only are you getting a high quality product & in most cases our prices are actually lower than overseas suppliers poor quality trailer parts.

For distributors & trailer manufacturers of boat trailer parts and boat trailers; If you are interested in stocking Australian Made products or obtaining samples – simply contact us today and see how MPQ Plastics boat trailer parts can give your business an edge over your competitors by supplying premium plastic trailer parts at highly competitive prices. 

MPQ Plastics supplies boat trailer manufacturers and suppliers all over Australia. Whether you are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Northern Territory, Brisbane / Gold Coast; MPQ Plastic can deliver Australia wide!

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