MPQ Plastics Plastic CNC Machining & Custom Components

cnc Machining CentreCNC Plastic Machining – MPQ are suppliers and producers of machined plastic parts and custom plastic profiles across a wide range of applications and industries throughout Australia and the world. 

MPQ Plastics operates it’s primary plastic machining centre out of Ormeau, Gold Coast. With plastic CNC turning, milling, grinding, printing and stamping equipment available; We ensure maximum efficiency whilst insuring the highest level of quality products for all our customers!

Plastic machining offers a great alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel and aluminium components. Working directly with our customers we make sure we understand your exact needs & requirements to ensure your products are delivered in a timely manner and top quality!

Dog catcher rollerPlastic machined parts and components machined by MPQ, are used as replacements for OEM parts or as a newly developed part to improve your businesses products and product range.

Plastic machined components are used where; chemical resistance, electrical resistance, quietness or extreme wear resistance are  required. Their lightweight and durability make them the perfect replacement or new part for your companies projects moving forward.

What Are The Advantages To Plastic CNC Machining?

Their are numerous advantages to using plastic components over other materials for your parts. 

– Economical for small and large quantities.

– Precision parts can be made to exact tolerances.

– Eliminates the need for expensive moulding dies.

– Excellent for producing prototypes & Samples.

– Speed & Accuracy.

– CAD Drawings for every application.

Examples of Machined Plastic Components?

Plastic CNC Machining parts and components are everywhere these days. No matter where you are, what you do? The odds are plastic is all around you. Some examples of plastic components machined by MPQ plastics are: 

  • Rollers & Bushes. Used in automatic doorways, conveyor systems, machinery & more. 
  • Washers & Gaskets.
  • Pulley Systems.
  • Seals & Bearing Components.
  • Spacers.
  • Wear Strips.
  • Chain Guides.
  • Food Machinery Parts.
  • Marine Trailer Products.
  • Harvesting & Farming equipment.

What Industries Are Plastic Machined Components Used In?

Plastics are used in just about every industry worldwide these days. Magna-Plas (Qld) helps supply plastic extruded rod and custom machined plastic profiles to the following industries:

To See if MPQ / Magna Plas (Qld) can assist your company further, please submit your drawing to or contact us today to discuss your plastic requirements.